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Why are you sorry?

Just... why? I saw no reason for apology...

Amazing stuff!

I saw "Castlevania SOTN vs RoR" and thought what does "RoR" mean? Out of curiosity, I watched and soon realized that this was in fact the absolute best Castlevania flash movie I have ever seen. The animation was flawless, the sound effects were completely on cue, and the ending left me wanting more. And "The End?" makes me wonder this: are you going to add to the end?
This was amazing, and I must say, keep up the good work!
10/10, 5/5

RopeDrink responds:

Glad the name sucked you in ^^ I'm grateful for your positive comments considering this is my first ever full flash movie and as said to below person, it's even better to know that the game-fans have been mostly approving of the movie - It'd have been very easy to ruin a CV:SotN flash so I'm happy it didn't dissapoint.

I'm not sure if I'll add to it as I only wanted to achieve one thing from this movie and that was to actually maintain patience and complete one (Made many incomplete movies but never a full feature) so this is my little baby. Sadly since I've finally realised I can indeed make Flash Movies, I lost the drive for it.

Let's just say that I like it being open ended and letting people make up their own mind rather than a definate ending so if I don't get to add a sequel then at least it'll keep people thinking.

Holy awesome!

i thought i had seen the best a while ago, but NO! This one takes the cake, i laughed so hard it still hurts! 5/5 and 15/10 (if i could...)

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I love your take

This is quite the great take on Space Invaders Infinity, good sir. I loved the cubes in the background, they really helped it seem like I was actually playing infinity.

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The best of 'em

This is by far, the best remix of the TUNDRA I've ever heard, man!

I can't quite remember, but...

Is this theme not from the NES version of the game? I mean, it sounds nice, but the MSX version used "Theme of Tara" and this sneaking theme was in the NES.

It's a good remix, but...

The game on the NES was not however, original, it was a bastardized remake from the original which appeared on the MsX2, and not once did this song play. Instead, "Theme of Tara" made its first appearance. That aside, the music is quite calm and really compliments the NES game (at least you didn't chose anything from "Snake's Revenge" *shutters*)

I like swords!

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